Easy to use financial forecasting software

A simple, flexible tool for planning cash flow, creating reports and testing scenarios.

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Plan your long term cash flow

Forecast your monthly cash in and out with robust sales and expenditure projections. Model every aspect of your business to make cash management easier to predict.

How it works

Brixx works by making a model of your business – a model that can be adjusted to answer key financial questions, helping you to make informed decisions.

1) Add your business activities

Starting from a template, build a model of your business from simple components. Quickly see a visual picture of all your financial activities across the whole business.

2) Forecast your numbers

Simple calculators automate the numbers for you. You’re guided through everything from product sales, employee salaries to VAT payments.

3) Simulate scenarios

Brixx is designed with testing out scenarios in mind. Adjust timelines and turn on/off any item in your model and immediately see the effects on your bottom line.

Work together in the cloud

Brixx has built in, live collaboration. Work in a team and build up forecasts together. Our modern, intuitive interface is the perfect place to clearly demonstrate financial ideas and concepts to colleagues.

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“For anyone who’s developing a business plan to take to financiers and looking to find confidence in their cash flow predictions, then there is no equal.”

Chris Storey, Director of Primal Alchemy

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