Simple financial planning for your business

Explore the ways you can grow your business with powerful, easy to use financial forecasting software.

Brixx is a flexible forecasting tool designed to cope with change

As new opportunities and challenges arrive at your doorstep you can quickly mock-up the financial consequences they bring to your business in Brixx. Plans are always evolving which is why you need a tool that can keep pace and adapt. We focus on supporting the on-going planning process that is so essential for growing businesses.

Taking the complexity out of finance

You won’t need your accountant to set it up, you can jump in and start planning straight away. It’s easy to test out new product lines, plan marketing campaigns or cost out new premises and estimate your cash flow over the coming months.

True planning unlocked by simulating real business activities

Many forecasting apps just replicate your accounting structure, which often isn’t intuitive. Your accounts are useful for historical accounting but often lack the detail and flexibility for true financial planning. Brixx lets you plan your business by focusing on actual real world activities. This gives you the flexibility to try out ideas and test ad-hoc projects on the fly without being tied down to the past. This could be launching a new range of clothing, extending your leisure centre or launching a huge new social media campaign. These are the real world activities that make a difference to your future and Brixx give you the tools to produce quick projections in no time.

“What will a price increase look like?”

Enter individual products with your price point then map out future sales volumes and try out price changes.

“When can I afford to employ more staff?”

Set-up multiple staff salaries and add new staff over time. Use the timeline to play with start dates.

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Products & services

Whether you are a SAAS business, a consultant or in retail, Brixx has the tools for modelling your sales and costs.

Small & medium businesses

Brixx allows you to forecast in different levels of detail and its modular plan building system makes it appropriate for any scale of business.

Just starting or already trading

It doesn’t matter if you are only just planning business ideas or have been trading for 10 years, Brixx can work for you.

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